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I'm A Celebrity at Palazzo Versace

20 November

The celebrities are introduced to each other at the luxurious Palazzo Versace hotel. Carol has nicknamed David "Chips" and Antony has announced that he has no 'hairs and graces'! Announcing their luxury items as being a teddy bear (Jimmy Osmond), lip gloss (Kimberley Davies), a folding chair (Carol Thatcher), pillows (Sheree Murphy and Jilly Goolden), Vaseline (Elaine Lordan), lilo (Antony Costas), a camping chair (Sid Owen), Aqua di Palma cologne (David Dickinson) and hair conditioner (Jenny Frost).

So into the jungle they go, all leave by helicopter but none will make the entire journey by that mode of transport! Five of them are going in on foot (albeit via a high-wire) and five are going in by parachute. None are keen on heights which made it all the funnier. Jumping out of a plane at twelve thousand feet and freefalling to five thousand feet (whilst strapped to a chaperone) didn't turn Sheree on but she managed it - eventually.

Elaine Lordan was shaking as she tried to conquer the wire, stopping in the middle and having to be helped across, not helped by Kimberley's impatience as she followed up the rear.

Elaine's out before she begins

After collapsing twice Elaine Lordan is out of the camp, whether this will be temporary or not is not known. After a night in hospital Elaine is desperate to return to the camp but that remains to be seen.

The camp made David Dickinson leader of the camp for the first day and he elected Sid Owen as his deputy.

The 'Scales of Jungle Justice' is exactly what it sounds like - the first bushtucker trial to be undertaken by David and Sid. Suspended from two trees the pair have to unlock stars to win meals for the camp, with bowls attached to the trees containing the usual suspects, by pulling themselves up and down vines and calling out the combinations to unlock the starrs.

Jimmy's reason for taking a teddy bear into the jungle as his luxury item became apparent as it was revealed to be stuffed with salt and pepper! Needless to say the contraband was confiscated - but not before it had been used to season their rice.

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