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Thatcher, Murphy or Owen?

5 December

Sheree Murphy

So who's it to be? Carol, Sheree or Sid? The public votes have been getting larger as the series has progressed. With the celebrities battling against the odds in the greatest adventure of their lives. Tougher than anything they have ever faced.

The last three talk of how they have all done better than they ever imagined. They couldn't imagine that they would see the last day!

The last bushtucker trial's that they all will undertake are Undercover, Discover or Uncover. They all have one each. Carol has Snake Strike - in three minutes she has to recover five stars from a box containing snakes, spiders, baby crocs in various containers. She completes the trial, just collecting all five stars which gives a fully-prepared meal course. St Thatch is triumphant!

Sheree has been scared by everything in the jungle over the past two weeks. So can she stand eating them? So on with Bushtucker Bonanza! She is scared but agrees to try anyway. First to be swalled was the vomit fruit, followed by worms. Next up, crocodile eye (a new delicacy). Then a kangaroo testicle which she refuses to eat at first, but relents and takes it into her mouth - but she can't break it. So Bob the Medic is called in to crack it - it's worse like that with the inside seeping out! She almost managed it but couldn't finish off the kangaroo bollock! Next was a rat's tail which she managed.

So returning to camp with four out of five, Sheree is nevertheless congratulated by the two others. Her husband Harry might not be too pleased to see her though!

Sid's trial was rats, rats and more rats! Yes it was the shallow grave, so for every minute he spends under cover in the pit he will win a star to go towards their last meal.

Last chance to vote for Thatch!

Filling up with water followed by rats and toads, the minutes must be crawling by almost as much as the jungle critters! He completes the task and gets the full quota of meals for the camp.

Third placed in the jungle trial that is "I'm a celebrity Get me out of here!" is Sid, the one-time favourite to win it.

Their last meal (brought into the camp fully prepared) consisted of caesar salad, prawns and champagne. Next up was jumbo burger, chips and salad followed by fruit, ice cream, wafers, more champagne.

Carol always thought she would be out sooner rather than later, being up against the glamourpusses such as Smurf (Sheree) and the other soap opera queens. With one last plea from both Thatch and Smurf to the public who were voting for the woman to be crowned Queen of the Jungle - decided that Carol Thatcher was their winner.

Amazed, astonished and gobsmacked at winning Carol said that she had been honoured to have gone up the jungle with her fellow campers.

A special bond has been created between all the campers, something that will remain with them for ever. They've managed to conquer their fears and have divulged many of their inner secrets.

And goodbye to all the animals in the jungle for another year.

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