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In to a muddy swamp

4 December

One day to go before we know who will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle. Only four celebrities remain, and one more must go before the public decides tomorrow!

All four (Carol, Jimmy, Sheree and Sid) are carrying out the bushtucker trial (Satan's Slippery Slope). The twist with this trial is that they are given all the stars to begin with, the other twist is the twisting wet slope that they have to slide down, into a muddy swamp and then up a muddy slope to deliver the stars back into a wicker basket where Ant & Dec are monitoring their progress.

Completing the trial they are overjoyed to hear that they will be eating well in the evening. They are given wallaby and possum sausages, two mangoes, native yam, onions, wine and beer.

Sid entered the jungle looking for love but all he ended up with Carol in the jungle for the night. Sheree and Sid went on the treasure chest hunt. This entailed climbing a hill. At the top they were greeted by a pair of ostriches in a pen that they have to also enter. Sheree sat on a fake ostrich whilst Sid filled it with balls that she had to aim at a target above the chest via its mouth. Sheree couldn't stand the ostriches coming and pecking the fake so Sid had to take over. They certainly couldn't wait to get out of pen and back to camp from this trial.

Sheree becoming Jungle Jane

The treat from the chest is the prospect of a rumble in the jungle. Offered a choice of a treat from either Ant & Dec or Matt & Tara (ITV presenters) they settle on the latter which was pastries, coffee and inflatable boxing gloves. Carol took the part of commentator while Jimmy acted as timekeeper and referee, whilst Sheree and Sid slogged it out with Sid losing.

They held an award ceremony with Jimmy winning an award for entertainer, Sid received an achievement award for being in the jungle, best cheek bones went to Carol and the cheekiest person award went to Sheree.

The public decided to vote Jimmy out of the camp making the final three Carol, Sheree and Sid.

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