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He'll give anyone Costa drink

3 December

Down to the last couple of days in the camp now. With five to become four who will survive?

Antony voted out yesterday and now the rest of the camp felt gutted that he'd gone. Antony said it was the best two weeks of his life and he's offered to buy 'anyone' a drink.

Drawing lots to see who would carry out the trial Bobby still has a bad neck so Carol is going to crusade through Noah's Ark.

In five boxes containing meal stars suspended from a log over the lake Carol has to wear an ark and transport the animals (and meal stars) within, to another set of corresponding boxes suspended from another log.

The ark that Carol has to wear (the clue was in the wetsuit she was togged up in) has a hole in the centre for her head to fit through. So, with rhino beatles, cockroaches, toads, snakes, water spiders all falling around her head she managed to collect all five stars.

Over the moon were the camp as it meant they would eat well again. The mood in the camp is pretty upbeat.

Facepack for Bobby

Jimmy's in charge and elected Sid as his helper. A treat for the camp was sent in, skin care products - Sheree got straight to work on a honey, oatmeal and avocado facepack. She even persuaded Bobby to have one though he found it disgusting. Sid had one but ate rather a lot of it before it got near his face.

Jimmy and Sid were off on the treasure chest hunt. Once they reached the clearing they were greeted by a bird, a kangaroo, a spider, a crocodile and an ostrich. These were in fact stuffed toys that Jimmy would, blindfolded and in a basket, knock down to reveal their bellies stuffed with coloured numbers and a key.

After they had the four numbers for the combination of the lock for the chest it then took them half an hour to realise that the coloured numbers corresponded to the colours on the combination lock!

Eventually they returned to the camp triumphant with the chest and the question for the day was "You are more likely to get killed by a champagne cork than a spider's bite?" Answer Yes and the treat within the chest is ice lollies all round.

The campers made requests for just a few luxuries in the camp. Cigarettes, washing up liquid, toothbrush, red wine, chocolate cake, mosquito cream and a can of Sprite for Jimmy.

Whilst having dinner there was much merriment over the fact that someone (Carol) had lifted their arse and farted without a bye or leave.

Sid commented that Carol had done this on their night in the jungle two or three times.

Bobby didn't feel too steady on his feet and had to sit down, something to do with the wine he'd drunk with dinner!

Not to worry though, as it was Bobby who was to be reunited with his Yvonne.

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