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Ant & Dec's Farm Returns!

2 December

Down to the last six so halfway through the celebrity exits. It's the wettest, weirdest, smelliest fortnight of their lives.

Carol had a few drinks last night and talked a lot of nonsense in her sleep.

The campers are getting weary, the weather is getting them down, says Bobby. Jimmy prays for sun - they all pray for sun.

The camp have been told who is still in the X Factor. Sheree talked about her husband Harry Kewel, who plays for Liverpool, and how much she misses him.

Weary are the campers

Sid offers himself up for the trial even though he is scared of rats, spiders and snakes. Bobby has a bad neck and Jimmy doesn't feel well so Sid who is shitting himself says he will do it.

So through the farm he crawls, into the separate chambers to collect meal stars. Into a very dark first chamber bugs are released to Sid's cry of "Oh Shit". On to more spiders, green ants and rates, one star then on to frogs, another star, more rats in the darkness and Sid swallowed something, another star and he was glad he couldn't see anything or he would be screaming. Siid managed five stars in all. Stinking, he returned to an extremely pleased camp, then had a nice shower.

Antony asked Bobby what he thought success was? Bobby told him that if you do a job you like and get paid for it that's success.

Questions arose over who would be the last three in the camp. Bobby thought the last three would be Carol, Jimmy and Sid. Bobby and Carol both believe Jimmy will win.

Sid would like to do a sitcom in front of a live audience. Jimmy said his family are so close that there wasn't one that wouldn't take a bullet for either one of them.

Fashion show - Bobby Jo

Sheree and Carol carried out the treasure chest trial where the question was "In a lifetime how long would you spend eating?" Given a choice of five years or eight they chose eight and got the question wrong.

The forfeit for that is that they have to hold a fashion show for the evening's entertainment. With Sheree as stylist and Carol as compere the camp get togged up for the show. Jimmy will provide the music, playing the drums, er pots and pans!

Dinner for the evening (thanks to Sid's bushtucker trial success) was Kangaroo fillet steak, baby carrots, asparagus, potatoes, onions and rice.

Sheree was camp cook for the evening with Antony and Bobby providing the stick! Sheree prepared a lovely spread that was enjoyed by all.

On to the fashion show and Sid was delicious in his grass skirt and Hawaiian wig, Antony was fetching in his fishnets but Bobby stole the show as Bobby Jo in a pink catsuit!

If Bobby wasn't already married he would make Carol his fifth wife! This was before they received letters from their loved ones and Yvonne (Bobby's wife) telling him how much she loved him.

More of the letters from home. Jimmy's was from his children telling him how much they missed him. Antony's was from his girlfriend (Adele, another Emmerdale soap actress) saying she missed his bum. Sheree's letter from her husband said that the children asked when she would be coming home.

Sid's letter told him that everyone was proud of him and not too worry if he didn't win but not to bother coming home if he didn't!

Carol's letter said that there would be a nice meal waiting for when she comes out but it won't wriggle, scratch or bite.

Down to eviction time. Ant & Dec entered the camp to their singing "Please release me let me go" the Engelburt Humperdink classic (think of him in there with David Dickinson, almost a mirror image!). Between Antony and Bobby it was Antony who proved the least popular!

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