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Seven left to brew in the storm

1 December

Sid Owen

Still with seven in the camp but the bad storm they hardly got any sleep and the whole of the camp is drenched!

Antony is leader for the day and Bobby and he are to also be the cooks.

Antony confesses to a pub gig he once performed for two hours where his audience was two people.

Jimmy and Jenny draw straws to determine who carries out the trial. Jimmy loses so he is going to tackle Lily Lottery. He has to hop from lily pad to lily pad collecting stars, some of the lily pads are not secure and could sink. He goes in the drink several times and instead of jumping from one pad to another he decides to bellyflop instead which makes it more difficult.

He does, however, manage to get four stars. He would have had five but dropped that one. He felt very tired after as he'd not eaten much (not the only one) but he was congratulated nonetheless. He was so tired he went to bed to recover.

Bobby and Sheree carried out the treasure chest trial. Once they had thhe chest back in the camp the group had to split into two groups (old and young). In which year was the first Queen's speech? What did the three wise men carry? Name Santa's nine reindeer? Sheree's team won but she lost the key in a slot in the chest and therefore lost the quiz for her team. The prize for the others was mince pies that they were not allowed to share.

Greek speak

Sheree had tried yesterday to teach the other members to tap dance, amazingly they all managed to achieve this. Bobby tried to teach them the laughing policeman laugh which cheered them all up no end!

Antony tried teaching the others greek for "We are cold, hungry and want to get out of here" which turned out to be "We are cold, hungry and give us a drink". So much for his fluid greaky speak.

Antony's over the moon as they are to be allowed to make bread. Sid's was stuffed with raisins and baked in foil on the fire, with lashings of butter they loved it!

Dinner was possum stew cooked by Bobby and Antony. It all seemed to be ok apart from the arguing that gave Bobby the hump, who then left Antony to finish it on his own. There was a moment of tension as Antony threatened Bobby if he didn't shut up. In the end they sat together and made up.

"It's been a weird night," said Antony.

Down to the public vote and it was Jenny who was out, glad to be out of the camp she admitted, hoping that Sheree would win the competition. So goodbye to Jenny, the only one of the happy campers to have completed a bushtucker trial!

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