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Janet Street-Porter in blue movies

30 November, 2004

With Sheila elected to be leader of the camp today so it was bound to be Janet and her against Sophie and so it proved.

Sophie was close to breakdown and leaving the camp. Her skin feels like leather and can't take anymore. The flies are getting to her and Sheila is no help. The heat reached 40 degrees in the camp making it the hottest day so far.

Janet had her usual sparring match with Paul but he's beginning to fight back. He said he feels like hitting her with the damn frying pan!

Janet revealed that she had once been in blue movies. During a conversation about her life as an actress she said that she kept her clothes on but looked 'very sexy'. The film she admitted to being in was sixties movie Blow-up though she also played Robina in Merial, the Ghost Girl, a TV play, in 1976.

Sheila's bossy

Joe was elected to carry out the Bushtucker Trial named Hellocopter where he had to climb down a 100 foot ladder suspended over the sea from a helicopter and unfurl eight banners in five minutes - he managed it well.

On returning to the safe confine of the cabin he said that he had paid £12 for his pants and that £8 of them were up his arse!

The SAS (Sheila and Sophie) carried out the Celebrity Chest returning with the chest and the reward of ingredients for fruit smoothies. The trip was not all smooth sailing for them though as the bitchiness started before they set out.

In the Bush Telegraph Paul said that Sheila had been very bossy today as camp leader and Fran intimated the same though he was interrupted by Sheila asking for toilet roll. He felt that Sheila was picking on Sophie unnecessarily and that it seemed Sheila was better at giving orders that doing any work herself.

The camp was treated to letters from family at home which was all very emotional for them.

With the public vote for Vic enabling him to leave the camp as he wished to be with Nancy. What a happy ending for them.

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