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Tinkerbell has left the camp

29 November, 2004

Natalie has followed Brian and left the jungle early. No news yet on her reasons but they will be revealed later! Nothing to do with constantly being chosen to do the trials though eh!

Natalie walked out before taking her fifth Bushtucker Trial - On Your Knees - so Sheila took over as she was the second highest voted for celebrity!

Natalie left because she didn't have enough energy to do the trial and wanted someone else to do it so the camp could have food as they were all starving.

Paul was visibly upset that little tinkerbell had left, Joe said she had more guts than he had to leave now, Huggy seemed pleased in a strange way; maybe he saw her as a threat; that she was going.

Leaving and going over the bridge for a final time seemed to not bother Natalie although she was emotional as always.

This was one trial that Natalie might have been able to do well in, or at least as well as Sheila did. A swamp crawling with rats and an ever lowering grid overhead making it harder to grab the stars that were place on stakes over the top.

Fran and cannibalism

Sheila cried off after six stars putting it down publicly to exhaustion and the fact that a crocodile had been let loose into the swamp.

On returning to camp the crocodile had become plural alligators and rats.

Fran has threatened to resort to cannabilism to stave off hunger, by sayinng that he will eat Joe as 'he is the nicest. I don't think he'd mind if I took a chunk out of him.'

Fran was looking hungrily at the emu pen wondering what they would taste like which is maybe why Joe took Ant & Dec (the pet emus) for a walk down to the pond and gave them a bath as he collected more wood for the campfire.

Paul said the men would collect the wood and upset Janet as she thought the women could do just as well as the men but gave in and got started on her campaign to win the competition.

Janet has vowed to win and started by managing to trick Sophie and Nancy into taking the mickey out of beauty salon assistants as she posed as a customer and had her hair done.

Vic and Huggy took the Celebrity Chest and used different tools to shoot down various objects holding parts of a giant key that would unlock the chest. The camp managed to answer the question on what Julia Roberts had named her twins - a girl and a boy - Hazel and Phinnaeus (Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter in full) and were rewarded with cream teas and scones.

Janet became increasingly annoyed with Paul's endeavours to help in the kitchen, what he has not let on is that he is actually a Qualified French Chef. According to Janet he is only good for serving food, not cooking it.

The camp's ray of sunshine, Nancy, was the celebrity with the least public votes and left the camp straight away with her husband Vic vowing to see her soon, how right he might be!

When asked, Nancy chose Janet to win!

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