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Will Sophie Anderton turn a new leaf?

27 November, 2004

Sophie Anderton

Sophie is the leader of the camp today. She and Natalie have both been voted to play a game of Snap by the public.

True to form Natalie can barely make it across the bridge to the clearing where the trials take place and it is left to Sophie to collect four meals with Natalie managing a meagre one out of her five.

On returning to camp Sophie did let it be known how vile the trial had been - several times and more!

No more nasty Janet

Janet announced to the camp that she was turning over a new leaf and that gone was "nasty, negative Janet" and in her place "perky positive Janet".

According to the British press Brian proposed to Emma B soon after leaving the camp. Though in an interview with Ant & Dec Brian said that it was a load of bollocks.

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