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Huggy Bear or Yoda

26 November, 2004

Brian Harvey has walked out of the camp after breaking wind and being scolded by Janet. He said it was the last straw and that he was fed up with being treated like a kid in front of millions of viewers.
He had said earlier that he thought he had raised enough money for his charity and that he needed a sandwich. He should have eaten more of the flies in the pies, after all, he did offer to go without food after his trial where he managed to gather together just two meals for the camp.

Paul made it his mission as camp leader to reintroduce cleanliness in to the camp. Especially the washing of hands after using the toilet.

Paul went into the Bush Telegraph and asked for a bowl and soap. "I've noticed that no one is washing their hands after using the loo and that includes the cooks,".

He said that if they could have a bowl and bar of soap under the river water bag.

Mad bag bowls

It was stressed that they already had a bowl in camp but Paul explained that Janet was already using it for chopping. "If I take that bowl away from Janet she's going to be mad."

His request was turned down and Paul was reminded that the bowl Janet was using was originally intended to be used for the toilet.

Dec admitted that he is lusting after Sophie and thinks she is the best-looking celebrity contestant they've ever had on the show.

Dec said "I think Sophie's the best we've got. I didn't really realise how beautiful she was until she came on the show."

He added "You always get to see how naturally pretty the women are by about day three or four and they don't have any make-up on and everyone stinks."

Yoda-like Huggy offered Fran some of his wisdom on Brian's departure. "Life is a buffet table - you take what you want. And I'm on to the desert!"

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