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Six meals for the camp!

25 November, 2004

Paul has finally been selected by the public (or was it divine intervention) and will now have to deal with the Temple of Doom.

Watching him mincing around, crying and clearly terrified, shaking and stamping his feet - you almost heard him call out for his 'mummy', in the dark must have brought smiles to many members of the Royal household and it was one of the funniest things on television this year so far along with his jump out of the plane. He did manage to get six meals for the camp.

Leader of the camp for the day was Joe Pasquale who clearly was uneasy at handling the task ahead but coped with it through his humour.

It all kicked off between Sophie and Natalie on their Celebrity Chest hunt, with Natalie shouting at Sophie that it was all 'me, me, me' and accusing her of trying to hog the camera. On returning to camp there were tears and more accusations and Janet acted as mother hugging Natalie.

No emotion - no love

Sophie "Nat, you all right?"
Natalie "I think we need to talk to everyone Ok, because I want I need to get this off my chest. I just did a test with Sophie and I want to share it with you all because I want to know if you guys think that I'm full of myself. If you think me being sick was me being me me me, because I said to Sophie I've had enough, I've had enough of Sophie me me me me me me me me, I'm the best at this, I'm the best at that. Oh, I don't care cos I can handle everything. Am I as bad as that? I need to know. Am I a bad person for being fucking sick?"
Camp "No!"
Natalie "You told me, oh, you're..."
Sophie "No, I didn't say it like that at all."
Natalie "Yes you did. You've got no emotions, Sophie. You hugged me..."
Sophie "I do, I do."
Natalie "You hugged me..."
Sophie "I said that I was sorry afterwards - we had had an argument."
Natalie "You hugged me. You hugged me. You had no emotions. There are no emotions in you. I've got feelings."
Sophie "I'm not crying. Because I won't cry out here."
Natalie "You said it to the camera. I'm expressing how I feel."
Joe "Girls, girls, Nat..."
Natalie "I'm expressing how I feel. Just give me a second."
Joe "All right, all right, okay, okay..."
Natalie "I was expressing how I felt to you from right here (She beats her chest) and you were like that in front of the camera."
Sophie "I know. I did, I apologised."
Natalie "Darling, look, don't over react, we needed to get the chest back."
Sophie "I apologised."
Natalie "Fuck the chest. Do you understand?"
Sophie "I'm sorry but I apologised."
Natalie "I just want to know where the feelings are coming from. Do you have a heart?"
Sophie "Well up there you accepted my apology."
Natalie "Do you have any feelings, where are your feelings, baby? I wanted to hug you, but I wanted you to hug me back. Like you mean it."

Sophie - me, me, me

Sophie "I did"
Natalie "Like you know you didn't. You didn't mean it. There's no feelings."
Sophie "Yes there is."
Natalie "There isn't. The only thing you care about is how you look."
Sophie "Listen, the only reason I climbed up that bloody tree is because you didn't want to do it."
Natalie "Yeah, because I'm scared of heights and you're not."
Sophie "Well sorry about that but it's not my fucking fault!"
Natalie "No, it's not your fault is it..."
Brian "We've got to, let's just calm. Let's all just calm down."
Natalie "I want to be your friend and I don't want to compete with you."
Sophie "I didn't want to upset you. I apologise. I apologise."
Natalie "I don't want to play a game with you. I want to be your friend. I didn't want to be something else."
Sophie "I meant it when I apologised Nat."
Natalie "But but but I just don't feel it from you babe."
Sophie "Look, I'm sorry."
Natalie "I could see it from somebody else. I could see it from every single person in this group."
Sophie "I'm not somebody else."
Natalie "I wanted to accept it babe. I wanted to hug you and feel like you really hugged me. I wanted to feel you. I don't feel you babe."
Sophie "I said I was sorry because I meant it. I don't say that I'm sorry unless I mean it."
Natalie "Okay."
Sophie "So you accepted it up there so why don't you accept it."
Natalie "I didn't, I just wanted to get back."
Sophie "Fine, well you got back, and you've been a total bitch!"

Off Sophie stomped back into the jungle - in tears.

With Sheila being the instigator of trouble and winding up members of the camp to do her dirty work how long will it be before the public see her as sly and lazy and vote for her to do a trial. Maybe someone should pull her aside and have a word with her. Janet hasn't carried her threat to do so out and probably thinks it isn't her job to do so.

Huggy had been seen earlier away from his chair. He and Sheila seem to spend all their time lying down or sitting talking a good competition but doing absolutely nothing.

Janet had upset Nancy earlier and Vic had to console her, telling her to "let it wash over you". Vic had knocked the water over the fire earlier and all but put it out.

Today also saw the first live TV trial carried out with Natalie and Sophie being put up for it. The public voted that Natalie should do her second trial and she thought just getting to the trial area was enough.

After much stalling she eventually agreed to be lowered in to the first box; containing eels; and managed one star of a possible two. She was worried that she had squeezed an eel but 'Eel be alright!'

The second box stank, containing fly pupae, and Natalie threatened to be sick but managed one star and then gave up on the whole task.

So that was the end of her trial and given more oxygen she returned to camp. Meanwhile, Ant & Dec showed the contents of the remaining three boxes - Fish heads and guts, turkey feathers and green ants in another and the final box was empty though this was a red herring as it had a trap door containing cockroaches which would have rained down on the inhabitant as they tried to retrieve the three stars within.

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