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House of Pies

24 November, 2004

Vic Reeves will sweat it out down under with the other ten celebs on the programme.

A spokesman for the show said "I can confirm that Vic Reeves is in the jungle."

They would not reveal what TV bosses have in store for Vic - if he will face Bushtucker Trials or if he can be voted out though an insider has revealed that Vic will be subject to the same rules as the others.

He joins Nancy, the face and body of Ann Summers sex and lingerie shops, and his wife of two years.

Emma B (Brian's girlfriend) has also flown out to Oz and might be going in to the camp to give her support to Brian.

So Brian's trial is the House of Pies
will he be able to believe his eyes
when he sees that he has to eat
lots of baby unborn flies!
Is your old job in East 17 still going Brian?

He was visibly shaken on returning from his trial and might now stop moaning - I misheard it as House of Flies originally but think that would have been a more apt title.

Ramble in the jungle

Janet has really gone to war today, on Vic Reeves, Nancy Sorrell and the camera crew who were filming her when she decided to go for a walk.

First, Vic and Nancy were subjected to her interrogation that their ulterior motive for being in the jungle was to sell their story to the tabloid press. Paul didn't escape either, with Janet accusing him of being a media whore for selling out to the press.

After deciding to go for a ramble in the jungle to get away for some much-needed privacy she found that she was unable to shake off the cameras following her and shoulder-charged the crew.

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