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Easy trial for Natalie Appleton

22 November, 2004

Natalie Appleton

Will Natalie Appleton manage the first public voted Bushtucker Trial (Canopy Calamity) in the new series (started Sunday 21 November) or not? She hasn't stopped whingeing since she arrived - and boy, oh boy, how did she arrive on that horse!

Miss Appleton did better than I thought she would after managing to get seven meals (should have been six) for the camp. How easy was that trial though!

She even got winched back to the start (and then she gets oxygen) - I would have left her there for the next two weeks which would have kept the viewer from having to keep listening to her bleating about her trial.

Could it just be that she is trying to play for the public's sympathy vote? We will see.

Sophie moaned about the men peeing on the loo seat and was injured while helping to build the treehouse

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