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Paul, Joe & Fran - wrong trousers?

5 December, 2004

All four faced the Bushtucker Trial 'Hell Hill 2' and the task to collect a star each, representing a meal for each celeb. Faced with torrents of water from cannons, turkey feathers and balls of various sizes.

They had to collect a star each from a pole at various distances from the start with Janet taking the lowest, then Joe, Paul and Fran at the top. None could try to get to their star till the previous had got their star, retrieved it and held it aloft.

Wrong answer

Bickering was the order of the day in the camp as the countdown began on their final day together. The Celebrity Chest challenge was undertaken by Paul and Fran. They had to collect toy spiders from a giant spider's web, each holding a key that may release the chest. Yet again, on returning to the camp they managed to get the wrong answer to the question and lose out on a treat of chocolate fondue and strawberry daiquiris.

Paul and Fran argued over the challenge and each had a different tale to tell on their return to the others.

The three left after today's public vote are Paul, Joe and Fran. With Janet voted off there can be no Queen of the Jungle in this series - or can there?

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