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To infinity and beyond!

4 December, 2004

With Paul (to infinity and beyond, onwards and upwards) - as Buzz Lightyear would say - selected for today's Bushtucker Trial (Hell Hole) he certainly wasn't expected to give a performance funnier even than he had previously. This was Paul Burrell; ex-butler to Diana, Princess of Wales; having what sounded like an orgasm on air, at least that's what it sounded like.

The poor guy didn't know whether he was coming (and nor did I) or going complete with cries of 'move over darling'. He grabbed all four stars for the camp from within holes in the Temple of Doom, and an extra bonus - after crying when confronted with his true fear - snakes - but he did manage to collect.

Nobody out!

The Celebrity Chest challenge was taken on by Joe and Janet. While one sat on a garden swing and knocked down full-size images of the camp members in turn, which revealed the next, revealing the combination of the padlock that held the chest. Their prize on answering the question correctly for a change, a Christmas Hamper.

It was decided that nobody was to be voted out today due to Natalie's walk-out- this was a little bit of a surprise to them - and all votes are carried forward to the final day.

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