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Janet and Sophie Hump It

3 December, 2004

Janet and Sophie both take the Bushtucker Trial (Hump It) - but will success guarantee they stay another night and Fran gets evicted? After all, that is the way the trials have been keeping the celebrities in the camp, isn't it?

While Janet and Sophie were on their Bushtucker Trial the chaps were left in the camp and had a chance to talk. Fran admitted that he would be happiest with a bar in Spain, waking up in the morning and having a beer on the beach, on his own.

Paul declared that the only time he liked to be on his own was in the garden whilst planting rows of potatoes, King Edwards, it had to be!

Joe's in charge

Sophie and Janet's task was to cajole five camels to sit in coloured pens that matched their halter colour and ensure they stayed sat there for the duration. They did manage to collect three meals for the camp.

Fran decided as camp leader to put Joe in charge of the kitchen, with Janet looking after the emus, which didn't please her on either count - and Joe wasn't too impressed either! She just about managed to coax them out of their pen for a walk - but that was with Joe's assistance.

Paul is tomorrow's choice for the Bushtucker Trial. He's certainly put himself across well and would be a deserving winner of the competition.

After surviving for two weeks in the camp the celebrity voted out was Sophie which makes sense of the first sentence!

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