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Paul Burrell's leader of the camp

2 December, 2004

Paul Burrell

As Fran was the first to carry out a Bushtucker Trial his time had come again and his task was Slither River, the trial that had finally broken Natalie. Fran succeeded where Natalie failed in managing to unwind three buoys therefore gaining three meals for the camp. His task made harder by snakes being released at timed intervals and also being joined by three crocodiles.

With Paul as leader of the camp there was only one way that was going to go, and that was downhill. Certain types of people, who have led, and who love to lead, hate to be be given orders and flatly refuse to take them.

Paul has grown more likeable as time has passed even if, according to Janet, he's become the vainest in the camp.

It came down to be between Janet and Huggy for today's eviction after the public had cast their votes and it was to be the Sage, Huggy, who left. With Janet continuing to bait Paul, popular opinion could sway his way and he might outlast her.

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