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Huggy Bear - fill your face

1 December, 2004

Joe was selected as camp leader by the encumbent Sheila, though it made no difference, as she just gave the orders out anyway!

Paul was close to biting back at Sheila and Janet, with only Joe able to calm him down. Janet takes delight in what's become known as 'Burrelbaiting'. Accusing him of spending time on a sunbed Paul announced that he has a 'black father'. Paul's been called a little pet, a gay icon and a future cover star of Attitude magazine!

Huggy had begun the day carrying a vow of silence until after the eviction. He was the only member of the camp without a Bushtucker Trial so was given the chance to 'fill his face'. Wearing a perspex contraption with only his head exposed to what lie ahead, or above, Huggy was instructed to catch stars as they fell from boxes filled with the normal green ants, mealworms, cockroaches, spiders, turkey feathers, fly pupae and emu eggs to bind it all together.


The first two stars bounced out but he managed to collect four out of the seven meals. After he finished he called out "There's a celebrity in my ear" leading to much amusement for Ant & Dec as they tried to work out who it was: Jimmy Cricket, Adam Ant, Stephen Fly, Kate Moth amongst others such as Midge Ure.

Huggy is suffering from first and second degree burns from spilling boiling water on his leg for many days. This is dressed every day by the camp medic, Bob. Huggy has not made much of his wound though it must be unbearably painful.

At last the penny has dropped with the voting public and Sheila has been exposed as bossy, lazy, ignorant and rude and duly voted out. Members of the camp were starting to comment in the Bush Telegraph.

When shown playback of the others comments Sheila vowed to 'get that bitch Sophie' and announced that she thought she was spoilt and couldn't stand her!

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