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Joe Pasquale strongly fancied

November 2004

Ten celebrities each had the opportunity to take a luxury into the camp at Murwillumbah, near Brisbane on Australia's east coast. Some chose to take practical items to make their stay in the jungle as comfortable as possible while others took tokens of their personal life.

Gossard model Sophie Anderton, 27, has taken a photo of herself and current boyfriend, nightclub boss Mark Alexiou.

Sheila Ferguson, 57, Three Degrees diva, chose a hairbrush while the Princess of Wales' ex-butler Paul Burrell, 46, opted for an inflatable rubber ring! He said "I'm hoping there's going to be some water we can use it in. Or maybe sit in it around the campfire, it may be comfortable to use as a chair. It's enormous actually."

Ex-All Saints singer Natalie Appleton, 31, has taken a pillow overprinted with pictures of her children. Vic Reeves's wife Nancy Sorrell, 30, chose tinted moisturiser.


Comedian Joe Pasquale, 43, took a fold-up chair into the jungle saying "I don't want to get piles from sitting on the cold floor,"

57 year old Janet Street-Porter, said "I'm taking a notebook. Each time I travel I do a lot of writing and keep a diary of what happens to me and then write it up afterwards."

Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear in original 70s cop TV show Starsky and Hutch) has chosen style over comfort. The 58 year old American said "I'm bringing a selection of sunglasses and will choose my favourite pair just before going into the jungle."

Club owner and former bodyguard Fran Cosgrove, 26, has taken an exercise ball and former East 17 singer Brian Harvey, 30, has taken a cap.

Joe Pasquale is strongly fancied by the bookies to win and Janet might upset the camp and some viewers with her straight talking and most of the public must be against the butler. What a display he put up with his parachute entry and if the Queen does watch the show then she might have gained some satisfaction from watching him being pushed, screaming out of the plane. The Queen shouldn't give up hope yet - "There's a lot of snakes there and they're not all in the jungle," said his wife Maria.

The stars of this series are undoubtedly Ant & Dec and votes should have been for Ant & Dec - the pet emus - not the presenters.

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