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Kerry McFadden - I'm A Celebrity

John Lydon

According to the bookmakers this looked to be between Lord Brockett and Kerry McFadden to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle 2004.

Charlie Boy's not changed - he may have been convicted of fraud but he's certainly not. Kerry, after starting badly has been down-to-earth - irritating at times - nevertheless untouched by her fame.

Clever - or was it deceitful? - editing saw Mike Read and Diane Modehl voted out of the jungle whilst Razor Ruddock became lethargic and boring.

Jennie Bond proved herself a game bird and surprised many after conquering her bushtucker trial coffin. Being locked underground and not knowing what's crawling over and around you took courage.

Alex Best will feel the backlash through continued public support for her estranged husband George Best. Talking to others in the camp of their marital woes would never see her succeed.

Katie's (glamour model Jordan) beginning to show her true colours and the facade is falling. Undoubtedly intelligent, she shows that she's manipulative, two-faced and her career is all that matters.

John Lydon (Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols singer) did not endear himself to many with his foul mouth and quickly became the bore that he himself detests. He eventually walked of his own accord.

Charley Boy's antics eventually scuppered his chances of winning. How on earth Peter Andre managed to stay as long as he did beggars belief. It gives us all hope!

Andre had to leave as he was getting up everyone's nose, though not in Katie's knickers yet!

At least in Kerry the right Queen won the show. And the celebrities' nominated charities will all be a might richer for it. Their careers will last a little longer thanks to this jungle experience and they'll also have thicker wallets.

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