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Ant & Dec's 2006 Celebrity Junket

Day One

Another year - another visit to the jungle and another batch of celebrities.

2006's ten celebrities are:

This year's visit to the jungle promises to be crueller than before (hopefully)!

To enter the camp the celebrities were split into two (not literally - that might come later in a Bushtucker Trial) - Myleen, Jason, Lauren and Matt bungeed 1,000 feet from a helicopter. Toby and Jan, Scott and Faith, David and Phina kayaked into the camp... David and Phina making it - eventually!

The camp itself has a 'luxurious' treehouse with a roof and quilts. One of the rule changes is that there is to be no leader. So they'll have to democratically work out who is going to collect the wood and water.

Jan volunteered to do the first Bushtucker Trial! Not having viewed the programme before she had no idea that it wasn't a case of do it once and never again! She managed two meal stars which was a great start - NOT!

Many more efforts like that and the happy campers will be glad to be made to suffer the Bushtucker Trials and kangaroo balls.

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