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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

Anna and Biggins returned to camp after there night in the pit they said it was a night mare two hundred rats running around all night nothing to eat, it was like being in a prison but it was worth it for the breakfast they got for the camp, Chris got a letter from his boyfriend saying he was going to be waiting for Chris when he got out of the jungle.

Sure as eggs are eggs someone was going to be toast has Rodney had his bacon. Rodney was evicted from the jungle, Chris was the Alpha male in the camp as he is the eldest Janice was crying when Rodney left which is surprising considering they always argued.

Terror Train in temple of doom part three.

"J" and Gemma were chosen to do the trial reaching the trial they had to get into a cart which took them into the temple of doom on entering , a box would drop slime and insects on to the cart which they would have to search through to find the stars, the smell was disgusting and they were getting bitten all the time by green ants managing to get four star's out of six in complete darkness was an achievement for the couple.

Back at camp "J" said "It was rank the smell was unbearable", Gemma was covered in a rash from the green ant's the camp told them to go and have a wash because they stunk.

Treasure Chest Trial

Anna and Janice put there self's forward for the trial they were strapped into harnesses and had to walk across a platform 250ft in the air over a ravine both managed to reach the other side to collect the chest, at the other end was a surprise waiting for them it was a video tape from their family's Jan's friend said good luck will see you soon, Anna's husband and children sent their love and said go for it girl. Question Back at camp they were asked how many stars have they won in the bushtucker trial since they submerged into the jungle they all agreed on eighty three but were five out so lost the chance of having chocolate coins but were given a camera.

Back at camp dinner was being cooked it was crocodile leg, pumpkin seeds, rice, and lemon as usual Janice would not eat it she has shut her self down because she said no one talks to her, Anna said "It might be a much chilled place if Janice went tomorrow".