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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

Janice said she was aid when John went she was really fond of him Rodney said "I thought you didn't like him" she replied "no it's you i don't like".

In camp they were discussing all the chores John use to do, Rodney said "I suppose i will have to get up and clean the toilets and everyone else will have to muck in and help do the other chores".

Bushtucker Trial Web Site The camp had to choose someone to do the trial who didn't mind spiders Biggins said he would do it although he didn't like them much, at the trial Biggins would be lowered into a glass chamber put his arm in channels coming of off the chamber break two membranes then the spiders would be released and he would have to get the stars, he was told to curve his fingers then open them like a flower on entering the channels he had spiders all up his arm he looked terrified but carried on like the star he is and managed to collect seven stars.

Back at camp "Anna said we have got the lovely Janice back again she is very mellow and is a very complex character, Rodney said "she is starting to blend in with the rest of the group it is so much better in the camp it's the best it's been.

Cerys was talking to Anna about Marc she said "My mum and dad would be squirming watching this on television" Anna relied "You have done nothing wrong it was just an instant attraction this could be the biggest love story since Romeo and Juliet.

Janice and Anna went to the bush telegraph and told they would have to take a goat called Carly back to camp and milk her then they would be rewarded with coffee, on arrival back to camp Janice was telling everyone to stop shouting because of the goat Biggins said "All you could here was her loud mouth," Cerys started to milk the goat as she was welsh an new how to do it while Rodney was massaging the goat to keep it relaxed getting plenty of milk for the camp to have their coffee.

Treasure Chest Disco Girl

Janice and Cerys paired up to do the trial Cerys had to put platform shoes on above her were five stars all going up at different heights she had to reach up and get them but as they got higher Janice had to put extra platforms to her shoes she could hardly walk in them, but persevered and got the key to the chest. question Guess how much you all weigh together since being in the jungle adding up what they were when they went in eighty stone twelve pounds they guessed what they must have lost in weight and came up with seventy eight stone six pound but they were five pound out loosing toast and butter.

Night Time Challenge life in the pits.

Anna and Biggins had the chance to win the camp bacon and eggs for their breakfast, they had to sleep in a hole in the ground with two hundred rats in complete darkness Biggins was hilarious he woke up screaming saying "It was on me oh my god but the pair of them braved it out and won the task.