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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

Conflict Tension Confrontation

When Lynn left the Jungle last night everybody said their farewells apart from Janice and Rodney they ran over to the river making out they were washing their hands, when Lynn left the jungle Janice said "Ding Dong the witch has gone" Biggins said to Rodney "you should have said goodbye just to be polite" Rodney said "I cant be a hypocrite i couldn't look her in the face and lie i don't give a

Cerys and Anna went for a walk in the jungle discussing what had happened to Lynn' Anna said "I don't know why people don't like her she is a very nice woman she has been picked on and is just defending herself".

Back at camp Cerys could not hold her tongue, "Rodney why did you run of with Janice to the river when Lynn was evicted its not nice to be rude all the time you could have said goodbye it's just common decency". he tried to justify himself but Cerys said "you always blame it on your working background having an opinion is fine but don't use it to bully someone".

Bushtucker Trial Dreadful Dropping

"J" and John work well together so they were chosen to do the trial on arrival they were told their were stars in the river they would have to get in a big wooden box, inside the box is a crank this should be turned to pull them along a highwire they cant see the stars in the water but have to count and judge when they are over the stars, then pull a leaver to release both of them into the water hopefully landing on the stars they had three attempts and got six meals for the camp.

Back at camp Rodney was still harping on about Lynn to Gemma he said "The people that liked Lynn are on one side of the camp and the people that didn't like Lynn are on the other side" Gemma said "No one is picking sides let's just all get on it is only for six days". "Janice said everyone hates my guts and is picking on me I'm hurt".

Celebrity Chest

The camp had to draw names to see who would get a letter from loved ones the lucky one's were Jan, John, Anna ,Cerys, but they had to play a game they had a concoction of nasty drinks taking mouthfuls of the drink and having to spit it in a glass tube but if they swallowed the drink Biggins would not get a letter everyone done the task it was Biggins turn to have a go but as he picked his drink up it hit a chain and he spilt all the drinks this meant he wasn't going to get a letter, the camp read everyone's mail to each other but Cerys got a surprise Marc had wrote her a letter telling her she is doing great and if she wants him to meet her when she gets out he will, she was gob smacked.

Anna said to Cerys "How did the letter make you feel you haven't done anything wrong you didn't chase him it just happened", Cerys answered "I just feel numb i didn't want to say i had feeling's for him we tried to stop what was happening i don't want to make anymore mess than we already have but if Marc wants to meet me when i get out i will I'm overwhelmed but nervous its mind blowing.

John was voted out tonight everyone said their goodbye's but all Janice could say was oh man.