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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

Last night their was a terrible storm in the camp all the camp were discussing Katie's departure and how much they will miss her Anna said "she was a bright intelligent girl"

Janice and Lynn were arguing again, Lynn said "she is very low Hollywood i hope i never see her again".

Bushtucker Trial Dreading Water.

Anna and Rodney were picked by the group to do the trial as they were the strongest swimmers reaching the task both had to put on helmets and be lowered into a big tank of water in a cage, once submerged they would have to find sphere's to find stars Anne would put her hand in the sphere's unhook them into two parts pass to Rodney who would collect the stars and put them in a bag but they also had several critters joining them eels,yabbie's, alligators crocodiles toad's Anna was so scared she had a water monitor in her helmet but she still managed to get nine stars.

Talking about Sex

John said to the group he was missing sex more than anything just because you are getting old doesn't mean you don,t enjoy sex, Chris said "about 50% of England are swingers" Rodney said "what a load of rubbish people i know wouldn't sleep with three or four people all at same time". Prison camp

Anna said "it is like a prison camp in hear do this do that you are told when you can eat you just have to focus on yourself", "Lynn said she is with people she would not be in the same room with on the outsi

Treasure chest

Lynn and Biggins make their way to the Treasure Trial reading the clue they had to connect pipes together once all the pipes were in place they had to attach the end of the pipe to a helium tank turn it on to blow up a balloon and release the key having done this they returned to camp to answer the question.

The question,Lynn had to remember quotes from her book and tell the camp what the missing words were on completing the question she was rewarded with tea and scones.

chest buried in camp

The camp had five scrolls to find with clues when they found the scrolls and solved the clues a bag would be lowered into the camp with a small hand shovel the last clue was croc camp fire, John and "j" dashed to the camp fire and found the chest when opened up three tin's were inside containing cherry's beans frankfurters.

The knives are out in the Johns kitchen "I have tried to be patient with Lynn but all she does is talk about herself i have never seen something so horrible in my life, when someone gives me a gob full of s...t i find it very hard to cook for them, all she doe's is moan don't like beans don't like rice well she could do with loosing a couple of stone.