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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

tonight someone must go no one is safe their is no immunity, Anna spoke about the eviction yesterday saying that Marc eviction has left a big hole in peoples hearts, it was a big shock to the camp.

Rodney said he was sad to see Marc go from the Jungle, he thought it might have been Cerys.

Janice was speaking to Cerys saying "The public have watched you and Marc sleeping together in the hammock everyday and it does not look to good being he has got a long term girlfriend, if it was my boyfriend i would cut his b....ks off."

Bushtucker Trial Bat out of hell

Rodney, Janice and Chris are exempt from the trial.

Rodney tried to take control of the trial saying "J" should do it, Lynn said "you should let other people decide who they want to have a go and stop taking all the decisions, Rod snapped back and replied "Shut up you old cow", then walked of shouting out "B....ks" get on with it between you i don't want to know.

Gemma and Cerys decided to do the trial they had to be strapped in a reverse Bungee Jump, shot in to the air at fifty miles an hour with a ball

 covered in paint, the target an inflated shaped cone red in colour with checkered pattern at the top, if they hit the red target it would be one meal if the checkered it would be three meals plus one free pointer,Gemma had three goes but only got one meal, next Cerys was up she hit two reds and one checkered,which meant they had got six meals for the camp.

Back at the camp they were at it yet again, Anna said "Out of the four oldest people John, Rodney, Janice and Lynn, were the childish always competing against each other no patients between the four of them its just attack all the time.

John and Janice made there way to the trial, they had to get in a pen with Turkeys and look on their feet for a four digit number to open the chest, John was catching the turkeys while Janice was sitting on the hay stacks, John said "Get up and put the hay up against the fence and i will put the turkeys that i have looked at in there, after a little while working out the combination they took the chest back to the camp.

Opening the chest to answer the question, In yesterday euro 2008 Football Final what was the score England 3 Croatia 2 or Croatia 3 England 2, being optimistic they said England and lost the task.

As Marc headed back to the real world worried about his girlfriend he was told that she had left for England and was very upset, Marc said i have fallen in love with two women i don't know what i am going to do, i will probably be left on my own, i regret hurting someone but i don't regret anything else. asked if he thinks Cerys loves him he said "I think she does".

 Rodney was talking about what they do all day in the camp well "Well we get up early in the morning and all i hear is Lynn's voice,then everyone argues some people take a nap, i keep as far away from Lynn as i can i look forward to going to bed so i haven't got to listen to Lynn's patronising voice.

 Dinner time at the camp wild rabbit ,Lynn, Gemma, and Chris said they didn't want to eat Rabbit, John said "they are a pain in the butt all they do is moan it's the same thing every night, the Jungle is about eating wild animals whats wrong with that, i am going to blow my top in a minute i have never been stuck with such a lot of moaning people in my life".Someone is not a happy bunny.

The public vote was between John, Katie, and Anna, all three of them were on the edge of their logs, Ant and Dec came into camp to tell them who was the next to be evicted, it was Katie.