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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

They new it would be hard in the Jungle but it is killing everyone, Biggins said "We are not horrible people but this is turning us into monsters".

The flies are becoming a problem in the camp there are millions of them all over the place, all they do is hump each other there could be three or four of them all at once fornicating , " "J" said I have even had them humping on my ear they are disgusting"

In the camp their was still bad feeling between Lynn and John, John heard Lynn say she would not want to do a trial with him, this put his back up and he started to shout at her saying she was an unpleasant person. Janice stuck up for Lynn and said he should not shout at her like that, but when John explained why, Janice started to have a go at Lynn, Lynn started to shout at both of them "I have never met two people as horrible as you", and run of crying .

When Janice was asked who she wanted to wave her of to the trial she said "John", Lynn snapped and said are you doing this on purpose i don't want John to come", talking to Biggins she said Janice is a nasty evil bitch .

Before Lynn went to go to the trial John said "Do you want to be friends for the sake of the camp", Lynn replied I wont except your apologies it has got to be from one human being to another and not for the sake of the camp". "I will talk to you when i get back from the trial.

Bushtucker Trial Jungle Sweetshop At the trial Lynn and Janice had to stand at a table and were handed a sweet jar each, but inside were critters they had to hold the critters in their mouths for thirty seconds before they could get a meal for the camp. Lynn went first in her jar were Grasshoppers she put it in her mouth and won, next Janice had to do the same which she made a bit of a fuss about but managed to get another meal this went on for several minutes with different bugs by the end of the trial they had nine meals for the camp.

When they got back to the camp Lynn said to john she wanted to be friends, and could they put it behind them, John agreed and gave her a kiss. could this be another romance in the air, i don't think so.

Sarah, Marc's girlfriend was interview in Australia about Marc's antics, she said " he has been extremely disrespectful in our two year relationship this is just torture for me seeing all this on television, i want to forgive him but i am really hurt i just want to go home, i will talk to him in private when he gets back to England."

Celebrity Chest

Anna and Mark set of to do the Celebrity Chest Trial when they arrived they had to go across the ravine on a highwire about 60foot in the air just using three pieces of wood to make it into a bridge, Marc was in front and held Anna tight like a baby he had to push the Pieces of wood across the wire until they reached the chest at the other end after a scary experience they reached the chest and took it back to camp.

Question . Using the English Dictionary how many letters is the longest word in Wales Cerys answered the question and got it right and was rewarded with Cheese for the camp.