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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

Someone in the camp is going to snap, John woke up at 4.21 this morning waking all the camp he was clanking pots and pans and snapping twigs for the fire, Janice said "he is programed to get up and clean the toilets every morning he is insane.

Bushtucker Trial uneasy rider

Janice and "J" were chosen to do the trial by the public phone vote,at the trial they were told they would be 100ft in the air over a ravine "J" would have to ride a motorbike on the highwire while Janice would be sitting next to him having to hit the stars above them with a baton, every star they hit would be a dinner for the camp.The two of them started of very well but at the tenth star "J" lost control of the bike and down they came, but to get ten stars meant that the camp would not starve, Janice said to "J" "I could have got the last star but you f...ed up".

Back at camp Lynn and John were at each others throats again "J" asked John to accompany him to the trial and Lynn copped the hump because she said John always goes, when she confronted John about it he told her to shut up "You are a pain in the arse why don't you leave me alone and go and take a walk around the block.Lynn said he is a bully and a very sarcastic man he is also unpleasant to be around, i don't like him and he does not like me.

Katie, Biggins, and Lynn went to collect some wood for the camp fire, on the way they were talking about Lynn letting Rodney win the trial last night, Lynn said "I gave in but i could have beaten Rodney, he was all nice about it yesterday but today he is a again.

Bushtucker Battle

Anne, Marc, and Cerys made their way to the trial they all had to stand on log's, above each of there heads were tank's full of frog's spawn in order to stop the tanks opening they each had to pull on a piece of string with a handle at the end of it and keep it taught, it wasn't long before Cerys lost concentration and was covered in smelly frogs spawn, "Oh it smells like sick",she said. Marc wasn't far behind her he slipped of the log and was covered head to foot in slimy green sick,so this meant Anna won her immunity from eviction.

Rodney and Anna were out collecting more wood for the camp when Rodney slipped and hit his knee on a rock Anna called for Marc to help him, he asked if he was alright but could tell he was in a lot of pain in the end the paramedics were called and they took Rodney to hospital for a check up.

That night the camp received a special tropical dinner Crabs, Prawns, Crayfish, and veg but Rodney was in hospital so they all ate his share, and all had full stomach's for another night.