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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

One hungry camp all they have got to eat is rice and beans, Lynn was voted by the public to do the trial so everyone was banking on her to do a good task, so they could eat well that night. John offered to do the trial for her but she was quite offended saying that she could do the trial herself, and that it didn't work like that. Lynn said to Biggins john thinks i cant do the trial i don't know who he thinks he is.

Lynn made her way to the Bushtucker Trial with Biggins and Katie waving her of, If you don't come back with any dinner we will eat you", shouted Biggins. In the trial Lynn had to make her way down a long manhole tunnel of the main tunnel were ten little tunnels she had to unscrew lids connected to the tunnels and put her hand in to get the stars, but you guessed it she wasn't on her own, she unscrewed several lids and was confronted with Spiders, Cockroach's, Ant's, Frog's, Rat's that bit her and Scorpions that stung her but she managed to carry on and get five stars, when she surfaced she told Ant and Dec that they were her worst phobia's.

Back at camp Lynn told them it was horrible she had been in a confined space and it was dark and she had been bitten by a Scorpion Janice clapped, but Lynn told her to shut up because she was talking, Janice said "I am only applauding you", Lynn replied i don't need you to applaud me just listen. Bush Battle Hard Boiled

Jan, Biggins, Rodney, and Lynn were doing the bush battle, they had four big egg timers they had to make sure that these didn't run out if they did the light would go out and a claxon would sound this meant they would have to forfeit their immunity and be up for eviction. Jan's egg timer ran out in the first five minutes, it wasn't long before Biggins got fed up and just gave in, that left Janice and Rodney both carried on till it got dark, Rodney said i think you should defer, Lynn said it would be silly to go on as they were both stubborn and could be their all night so she agreed to give in and let him win immunity.

Thing,s are hotting up with Marc and Cerys Marc said "I,m glad your hear it has made it nice", Cerys whispered its inaudible don,t say anything, Marc replied their is so much to say, kissed her and said good night sweet dreams. John came up to Marc and said she is lovely somethings are meant to be is John cooking something up?.