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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

The jungle has driven all the camp to the edge, the group is at a melt down everyone is starving. Lynn has had a bad back and went down to the river to have a soak when she got back John asked where she had been as he had not seen her since breakfast, John asked her if she would go and get some fire wood with the rest of the camp, she said "No i told you i have got a bad back".

Rodney hates Lynn because she is not pulling her weight in the camp, Katie said "Lynn is to work as Jodie Marsh is to Politics". Lynn should have cleaned the toilet out in the tree house, but because she had a bad back Biggins and Katie had to do it, i thought Katie said she would not take any s...t of off anyone. Anna said she felt a bit sorry for the Lynn because she was getting it in the ear from everyone."j" said he wished the public would stop voting for Janice to do the trials so that other people could get a chance to one.

Bushtucker Trial Janice and Rodney were voted by the public to do the trial this is Jan's seventh trial, when they reached the trial they were told that they would be 200ft above the ground on a high wire, on the top wire were 10 red flags each flag they collected gained one meal for the camp, Janice was on the top wire and Rodney on the bottom, as Janice made her way across to collect the stars Rodney had to follow her and take the flags of off her and put them in a bucket, but he could not stay on the wire he just kept falling of, so he had to keep going back and start again, he lost a lot of penalty points after ten minutes they managed to collect two stars, John was gutted that he did not do well and insisted he would go without his dinner because he failed the task.

Back at camp Marc and Cerys had spent a lot of time together, she was singing to mark, "Do you like singing the blues", she replied "I do but id doesn't suit my voice i like Gospel, Marc said to "J" "Her voice is so beautiful it makes your heart crumble", Marc said he needed to get somethink of his chest and he would have a chat with "J" later on.

Bushtucker Battles Are we nearly their yet

Biggins told the camp they would have three Bushtucker trials, one a day for three days, four members would compete against each other so they could get immunity from being evicted this week, John, Katie ,Gemma ,and "J" were chosen to do the first trial they had to sit in a landrover in the Jungle they had no water no toilet or food the last one left in the landrover would win the the trial. Gemma left first as she could not stand the smell all the windows were condensed up and she needed the toilet, "j" left with her as he said it was boring. John and Katie stayed till it was very dark but Katie had to give in eventually as she also needed the toilet, so John was the victor of the day.

back at camp they were preparing dinner Rodney said he did not want any, Marc said he was being stupid but he wouldn't give in. Rodney said "Six people have changed their personality since they have been in the Jungle", Janice piped up and said "I haven't", shut up said Rodney "I'm not talking to you go over their if you don't want to hear whats being said". Anna said "He is a grumpy old git".