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Nip and Pluck

17 November 2007

Insults were flying around the camp today, John said "lets keep it calm, no more arguing, only happy smiles on faces, and a day of love and peace", this lasted about 12 minutes.

Lynn wanted the campers to meditate so that it would calm her down for the task. Rodney couldn't stop laughing and said it was a crock of s..t and a load of b....cks.

The public voted for Lynn and Janice to do the trial which should be right up Janice's street. After all, she's used to nip and tucks!

They made their way to the Bushtucker Trial where ostriches were in a pen with the bright yellow meal stars. Lynn had to dress in a yellow boiler suit and sit on a chair hoist. Janice would then move Lynn up, down, left or right with a joystick enabling here to pick up the stars with her feet and drop them in a net. After all the bickering between them they eventually managed seven meals.

Lynn said Rodney would be surprised as he said it would be a disaster. Janice replied he is just an old

Back at camp Lynn was looking for her fleece that had mysteriously gone missing. She said she'd also lost her hair clip the previous day and when she found it someone had stamped on it. So she thinks someone has got it in for her!

Joking with Janice, Rodney said "Have you taken it?", "No I haven't". Rodney looked in Janice's bed and it was hidden under her blankets. Telling Lynn he found it at the river, but such is his hatred for Lynn it's odds on that Rodney was the culprit.

Marc and Rodney made their way to the trial. On arrival they were met by a stream of lights above. When lit they had to collect water with a bucket from below each light and fill a water tank to release the key to the chest.

With Rodney memorising the sequence of the lights he barked instructions at Marc, who was running up and down like a headless chicken, with the tank filled they collected the chest and headed back to camp.

Back at camp the chest was opened revealing the question on Five's UK debut album what was the title of track three? Jason didn't know the answer even though he was in the group. Gemma, who was a fan answered correctly so they were rewarded with strawberries and freshly whipped cream.

When dinner arrived that night of kangaroo Janice said "i cant eat that I don't know how they have been reared they're rodents like big rats, I will just have fruit and veg, Gemma said "Why don't you have rice?" Janice answered "It bungs me up i cant s..t".