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Honest and Rude

16 November 2007

More friction in the camp between John and Lynn. John thinks "Lynn is very rude and aggressive". Lynn's answer to that is "I'm not rude, I just tell the truth". John's retort - "As far as I'm concerned, you can be both."

New boy in the camp Christopher Biggins, met his fellow campers for the first time after the trial, covered in stinking slime.

Janice told the camp if it wasn't for Biggins they wouldn't have 7 meals. John said hew knew it wasn't Janice that done well in the task because she was clean and Biggins "was covered in s..t, when I did my task with her she was a wuss."

Biggins asked to have a wash as everyone said he smelt. Marc went to the river with him. Confiding in Biggins about his friendship with Cerys. He said he was really getting on with her but he could see how it could be misconstrued. Biggins asked "Are you in love with the girl", Marc "No, we are just good friends, I expect my girlfriend will be jealous watching this at home, but I hope she understands."

When Biggins returned Rodney spoke with him about the sleeping arrangements, saying "I share the tree house with Lynn, I expect you would like to sleep there", Biggins replied "what all of us?".

Chris didn't know that Lynn used to keep him awake all night, Janice asked Rodney "Can I ask you a question? Was it good in the tree house with Lynn". Rodney said "she is a very powerful woman and believes in equal pay and equal rights and that's all she talkes about."

Celebrity Chest

Katie and Lynn reached the trial area and were met by a large wooden box and DIY tools. They began to undo the many different screws on the box. As the box opened another was revealed within, four more later they eventually took the chest back to camp.

Opening the chest to answer the question, What unexpected ingredient is in lipstick? Goose fat or fish scales was the question, answering fish scales they were rewarded with fresh cream cakes.

Rodney joked about Lynn to Biggins, saying she told him if she doesn't wash she looks like a Navado Indian, causing Biggins to guffaw with laughter.

Marc and Cerys cuddled and were dancing in the camp. Marc asked Carys to come lay down with him and give him a cuddle. They started talking about horses and Marc said "Don't you miss a cuddle when you are in here?" "Yes I do, I know what you mean"... then started to sing to him.

Romance may be in the air but you wouldn't like to be in his shoes when he gets out!

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