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Grave Danger

15 November 2007

Rising in the night, Marc woke Cerys and lay beside her talking about the stars! They got up and sat by the fire complimenting each other on how good they looked for their age. Could this be another Katie and Peter romance in the jungle!

With the camps now joined it wasn't long before Rodney and Janice were at loggerheads. Discussing Katie's trial Rodney said Katie might be put in a grave. Janice told Rodney to shut up because he was frightening her.

Chosen by the public for the trial, Katie was told she'd have to get in a diamond shaped coffin. Once the lid was in place 20,000 cockroaches would be released into the box and the longer she stayed in the more meals she would win for the camp.

Lifted into the air on a highwire, and tipped up inside the coffin, Katie felt the cockroaches crawling over her. Lowered after 10 minutes, Katie had won 10 meals for the camp.

Celebrity Chest

Anna dressed as Captain Kangaroo and John as Crocodile King or the Celebrity Chest. Attached to a highwire Anna was launched by John pulling a heavy drum to retrieve the key to the chest. After several attempts they got there in the end.

John decided to cook the 10 meals Katie had won but Lynne tried to interfere. John is becoming more short tempered, and shouted "there are too many cooks".

The Jungle Jeopardy Live Trial

Janice was voted yet again for the trial. On her arrival Ant and Dec informed her she'd have another celebrity to help her. Enter Biggins, for Christopher Biggins was to be the new Celebrity addition to the jungle.

Told they had five tasks and that Janice could play or pass to Chris. But Janice could only pass on two and would have to do the last task with Biggins. Janice agreed to the first task. Putting her hand in and reaching for the star she saw it was full of rats and refused.

Moving on, the next hole contained scorpions and she refused again. She passed to Chris, with tanks above him they were emptied and his job was to catch a falling star. One had critter slime whilst the other contained cockroaches. He caught the stars without any trouble.

Janice said she wanted to do the next task. She had to put her head in a tank full of spiders and grab the star with her mouth. In she went and got the star. She then had to deal with a tank of snakes but she'd had had enough by this time and refused.

The last task was a booth containing a lot of holes. They had to enter together to get the stars whilst insects were blown from the holes. Janice left almost as soon as the task started, leaving Chris who ended up getting four meal stars. So, no thanks to Janice but they won seven meals.

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