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Sushi Train of Pain

14 November 2007

John and Janice were chosen by the public for the trial. For the trial they were told that in each carriage of a toy train would be a different insect which they would have to eat in turn.

If one refused they would have to eat what was in the last carriage. Janice was first offered locusts but refused. John was offered the locusts and ate them. Asked what they tasted like he said "very salty", Janice was then offered cockroaches and refused point blank again so John ate them making him two up on Janice.

John proceeded to eat Crocs eyes. In turn Janice was given fish eyes but again she refused. John's next plate had Crocs Penis - Janice screamed at him "are you gay? how can you eat crocs penis? are you mad?". When Janice was asked to eat it she replied "I can't eat crocs dick!".

Two items left, Janice had Mullet Gut Onion, she ate it and nearly threw it back up, so if John could eat the Witchety Grub he would win the task... He did!

John returned to camp and told them he'd won them a big feast, and Marc told him he was his hero.

Janice was upset when she got back to camp and said "I just couldn't do it".

Saying she should have done the task, Lynn said she could have eaten them. Easy to say when you weren't asked in the first place.

Celebrity Chest

"J" and Cerys went to do the trial they had to go down a slippery slope, above the slope were large keys hanging down which they had to hit to release the key to the chest, after several hits Cerys found the key and freed the chest ready to take it back to camp.

Back at camp they opened the chest and found 5 bags of Coffee.

That night Croc Creek's reward for the day's Bushtucker Trial they'd had won was a suckling pig feast with carrots and onions. Marc was overwhelmed and as high as a kite.

The two camps were now merged.

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