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Rumble Rally

13 November 2007

Janice and Rodney were chosen by the public telephone vote to take the trial. Each will take it in turn to be strapped in the front seat of a Land Rover. The car will be released down a ramp into a river. At the sound of a starter's claxon they can then release their seat belts and start detaching stars from inside the car.

Rodney was chosen to go first. Released into the water, he began releasing his seat belt and collecting his stars. The car was soon submerged. But Rodney was quick, managing to collect 8 stars.

Next was Janice. As she sat in the drivers seat she said "Holy shit, let's go for it" as usual Janice had to have her say, down the ramp she went. Caming to the surface she'd managed to grab 9. So it was glory for Snake Rock.

When Rodney returned to camp he said "I hate losing to women! I'm beginning to wonder if Janice is a woman after all the plastic surgery she's had she's more like a bionic woman, she's up for anything."

When Janice got back to her camp and said she had won the task the campers were elated as they'd not had a decent meal since entering the Jungle.

Next up was the Bushtucker Trial. Gemma Atkinson set off for the trial area. Meeting up with Katie Hopkins, who had to help her in the task. Anna Ryder Richardson and John Burton Race were waiting.

It's a load of wrap

Wrapped round wooden poles a buoy was attached by tangled rope. The task was to unravel and then free a key attached at the end to release the chest. Katie and Gemma won, thrashing Anna and John who couldn't believe how quickly their opponents finished.

Arriving back at camp they'd to answer a question to win a treat. According to a survey "What do women worry about most - Money or Appearance?". They answered Appearance but the Money was the answer.

They opened the other box and ate what was inside anyway! The punishment for cheating was to give up one of their meals.

Back at Snake Rock Lynn and Janice were at each others throats again. Arguing who should go get the wood for the fire. Janice told Lyn "just go and get the wood" to which Lynn replied "F... off".

"Lynn has been sitting on her fat arse all day and needs to go on a diet".

Marc Bannerman and Cerys Mathews are having fun. Marc said "I hope my girlfriend does not mind too much and take it too seriously, but Cerys is such a sweet girl she has got a childlike innocence about her, and I like her very much."

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