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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

This follow-up to the first I'm A Celebrity series won by Tony Blackburn saw Phil Tuffnell crowned King of the Jungle 2003.

You couldn't help but feel sorry for Wayne Sleep - what a trooper - to discover he'd fractured his foot when jumping on (and breaking) his camp bed. He was dropped in to the jungle out of his depth but came through and gave some laughs along the way. Reminiscent of Charles Hawtrey, he could star in a new Carry On film with Danniella Westbrook.

Boring but oh-so-focused

John Fashanu was a bore to start with but did recover to some extent to come across well enough. With his many Bushtucker Trials - and him thinking voters wanted him to keep doing them because of his entertainment value! He ensured viewers knew he'd paid his own airfare for the pre-show photocall. It'd be nice to think they will all donate their payments to charity as none of them will come out of this badly.

Only once was there a mention that it was for charity - Wayne Sleep when he was evicted. They're all set to make a serious amount of wonga if their agents do their job on the back of this series. Anthony Worrell-Thompson managed to plug his range of ready-made stocks and minutes later plugged his range of pickles - and his autobiography - in time for Christmas!

Sian proved how much a good make-up artist is worth. Enough's been written about Daniella Westbrook in the tabloids but she is really a good girl who just fell in with a bad lot in the early part of her career. She'll now get a good spin of the wheel and her career back on track.

Cat was typical fodder for the press with the editing making her 'Little Miss Understood'. She'll move on from this to a career high. Just hope she doesn't make a mistake and and end up letting her pussy out of its tray!

Toyah Willcox's a Goddess to many of a certain age and came across determined and down-to-earth. She may be starting to look her age but she would be the first to admit that as you could see by her gasps of horror as her best bits were shown. Whether to agree with her husband Robert Fripp about her threatened streak? I prefer to use some imagination.

Chris Bisson (Vikram of Coronation Street) never got the chance to shine and his career probably lies behind the camera.

Gizza Wozza

Linda Barker is not everyone's cup of tea. Having 'her boys' decorating the camp with lollipop sticks and toilet rolls showed her creative side making the camp look presentable. She changed allegiances as the campers were voted out faster than changing a colour scheme.

Wozza gave us some of the best moments with his humour and story telling. Without him there'd have been a lot of gaps and they'd probably have starved. He must have been hanging the time out when he was cooking to make up for their boredom as it took him so long to prepare the food. It only takes twenty minutes on Ready Steady Cook! Truly a rebel without a clue!

Tuffers seemed out of it at times but his dry wit and laidback style kept him high when it came to the public's voting. He was up for anything and everything. Allowing more alcohol in to camp there would have been even more fun and games.

Ant & Dec have come proved that friendships do make the perfect base for double acts. They bounce off of each other naturally, that only comes after being together years.

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