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Catch a falling star

Day Eight

Eating beans has made the girls feel sick, to the extent that Phina was quite literally, sick of beans!

The Bushtucker Trial of Catch a Falling Star was more of an airborne trial than a bush trial and neither Jan nor Scott really had much control over what they had to do. It involved them freefalling from a Cessna and grabbing streamers. Whichever one of them won the trial would win food for their camp. The other's camp got nothing.

So unfortunately for the boys' camp Jan managed to catch four streamers whilst Scott only managed to catch two. Luckily the boys had a chance to redeem themselves when Dean was picked to undertake the Celebrity Chest trial, against Malandra - both newcomers up against each other! The girls had discussed letting the boys win but luckily Malandra wasn't up to the trial anyway. After being first to climb a tree and ring a bell three times, Dean finally managed the final part of the task. This involved jumping from the tree, up in to the air and catching a giant key.

Off Dean scrambled, back to base camp and the rest of the lads, with his chest. To complete the task they had to correctly answer a question to open the correct section of the chest. The question "Who has the highest IQ - Men or Women?" Answering women was wrong so no treat and no food for the boys!

The next Bushtucker Trial is the annual favourite - Bushtucker Duel - the boys are now so hungry they'll be bound to scoff the lot. Second thoughts, Scott is taking this trial for the boys and Jan is up for the trial against him, so imagine no-one in the camps will be eating!

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