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Bushtucker Duel

Day Nine

David is beginning to look extremely ill-er! He (reckons) he's lost about two stone since he's been in the jungle, had trouble eating his breakfast this morning as he cannot eat another bean. Matt tried to make him eat a few mouthfulls just to get him through the morning. When the girls saw David even they said he looked ill!

Scott and Jan have been chosen to do the Bushtucker Trial, BushTucker Duel. It's war between the camps as they fight for meals, as they made their way to the clearing for the trial Scott said "if it's eating bugs the girls would win". Ant told them they'd be going head-to-head eating a bug each to win a meal, both sat down at the table and several dishes were placed in front of them. Lifting the lid of the first dish Ant revealed locusts, both Jan and Scott looked and said "No we're not eating them", next dish up was cheese (or vomit) fruit - Jan said "it smelt like sweaty feet". Both began eating them, getting a star each.

Dish three was a witchetty grub smoothie. Scott vomited as he took a mouthful to which Jan told him to "just make out its mushroom soup", both managed to drink it eventually and each gained another star. The fourth dish was silkworms - bidding against each other as to how many they'd eat - Scott bid one but Jan said she would not eat one. Scott, eating just the one, won a third star.

The fith dish was Kangaroo eye, testicle, tongue, anus and penis! Jan said no straightaway, she could have tried the penis as she hasn't had one for a while, likewise Scott! Scott placed the tongue in his mouth and spat it out straightaway saying "it was like acid". He refused to do anymore, "what about the testicles? Scott," asked the presenters! Result - Scott, three stars to Jan's two. The boys would eat.

When Jan got back to camp she confided that her agent had told her "don't worry about the bug trials they are all made up stuff". Her ripossste was "bollocks, they are real, no way am I going to eat an anus". And nor did Scott this time!

Time for the Celebrity Treasure Chest Jungle Trial with Phina and Myleene against Dean and Toby. The task involved them having to drag a full-sized dummy attached to cord around a jungle course. The string was caught in the trees and bush, causing them to keep stopping and untangle it in order to continue.

Reaching the chest first the boys used a key attached to their dummy top unlock the chest and then returned to Base Camp. Their comrades were quite delighted - opening the chest to answer the question. Getting it right would mean chocolates and champagne, getting it wrong a battery-operated rat! The question "According to a survey who would pass their driving test first? A man or woman?" The boys answered women (doh!) so got the question wrong! Gutted - twice they've got the Treasure Chest question wrong and thherefore no treats.

In the girls' camp, Snake Rock, Jan got more and more agitated that she couldn't light the fire. Milandra said "don't lets all get annoyed with each other - instead we should help each other", Jan walked off muttering "i feel that I'm out of my comfort zone now I'm not with the boys - I feel left out, I've got no-one to talk to."

The next trial is What Lies Beneath, the public voted for a change with Phina taking on the trial for the girls. But again voted for Scott to represent the boys, at least Jan got off, whoever wins this trial will gain immunity for their camp from the first public eviction.

Everyone seems to be down at the moment. Toby went to the Bush Telegraph crying that you don't realise how much you love someone till you have't got them. Jason was missing his wife and children - he has a picture of his children on his pillow so that's some comfort.

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