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Malandra burrows herself into camp

Day Six

The sixth day in the jungle and Matt has been chosen by the campers to be camp leader. He doesn't mind mind being leader but in his piece to camera he said you always get someone who wanted to have a moan about something - guess who? Yes, it was Jan - someone was leaving the toilet seat up, that spiders would get inside the toilet. Then it was about the knives and forks that she said they were mucky and that she wanted her own. "at least I can lick mine clean for next time", how horrible's that?

Lauren said she was fed up with Jan's constant moaning, and Jan even reduced Faith to tears with her constant arguing. Scott whispered to Faith that he'd have a go at Jan - but he constantly says that but never does anything about it!

David's felt very down the last couple of days. He feels very ill as he's not eaten for two days. He reckons he's lost about ten pounds and that his trousers are falling of off him. He's going to get very evil and make some arrows so that when the camera crew come near him he's going to stick it in them if they don't give him some sweets or food.

Phina's been chosen for the trial, on being asked who she wanted with her she picked Jason because she felt safe with him. The trial's called Operation - maybe she wanted to play Doctors & Nurses with Jason!

On arrival at the Bushtucker Trial clearing they were told Phina would be collecting stars out of termite hills. If she touched the sides of the route she'd hear a buzz, three buzzes and she'd lose the star. Jason was to wait in a booth, each time she lost a star he was engulfed with new visitors!

Phina started well, getting three stars and Jason covered in his visitors. They then swapped over with Phina in the booth, Jason began his half of the trial and Phina was visited! In the end they managed to collect six meal stars so a pretty good meal is in store for the camp.

On ending the trial Jason said he was sure he'd something up his arse so they called in Medic Bob. On taking a look he told Jason "you've got lots up there" - Scott would have just loved it!

Toby's been taking a secret wee in the camp at night, Myleen returned from the Bush Telegraph to read a warning not to do it as it attracts rats and snakes. Ironic that Toby has a phobia about snakes and is attracting them, once he admitted to the rest of the campers Jan also admitted that she'd been unable to find the toilet in the dark so had had to squat in the bush.

Lauren and Matt took the Treasure Chest Trial, and as they walked through the jungle heard a voice saying "I'm up here, I'm your new camp mate", they looked up to see Malandra Burrows suspended in a harness about a hundred and fifty feet up. She'd a key attached to the bottom of the harness and they had to cross a platform and a tightrope to rescue Malandra and the key for the chest. Matt went first with Lauren following, when they reached Malandra they had to pull her over on to the tightrope to join them and take her back to camp.

Back at camp they were waiting - as the three approached the camp the other celebs were astounded to find they had another camper joining them. All said their hello's then opened the chest. The question inside the chest was "on average, how many sexual partners do men have? Fourteen or twenty six?" They agreed on twenty six and were right - the reward? champagne and cheesecake.

They began to fill Malandra in on events since they had been there, mentioning David's snoring tourettes. Dean said when he heard that David was in the jungle he thought "why him?" (why not?), but said he's so funny and such a very nice person - all the others had nothing but good to say about him, David was very moved and had tears in his eyes.

After dinner Malandra was ready for bed but before she could get her head down she had to erect her hammock. The lads asked if she'd slept in one before, "No - but after today I will try anything". Malandra got into her hammock for bed and several minutes later landed on the floor.

Tomorrow's trial's is Snake Bite and the lucky one chosen was Jan, crying "what has everyone got against me?" - your knife Jan.

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