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Hidden History of London

London's Hidden History
East India Dock

Hard to believe this area was once a thriving docks but behind the luxury apartments you will find one of the real hidden gems of Docklands. Well what is it then? It's Virginia Quay where the first settlers left the old world for the new world, that's the US of A to younger readers! Remember Captain John Smith at the Bank, he became Governor of Virginia, he was once a cordwainer you know - c'mon keep up!

To commemorate the occasion a magnificent statue has been erected on the quayside with commanding views of the Millennium Dome (now the O2 Arena) behind. Just a thought, the settlers left England in the early 1600s to expensively visit the unknown where loneliness and disappointment awaited, bit like visiting the Dome exhibition!

Now can you believe that London had a lighthouse? Well it did and does although it don't shine anymore. Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse in Orchard Place E14, can still be visited - a short walk from East India station. Wait a minute, didn't we walk by Trinity House, who looked after all lighthouses, at Tower Gateway. Alas no more manned lighthouses!

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