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Guide to Shaving

How to get a good shave every time

Men consider shaving a daily chore to be carried out as quickly as possible. This is a shame as a good shave is extremely beneficial.

Shaving exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells allowing the skin to breathe. Using a traditional razor provides a closer shave than an electric razor and the result will last longer.

Too often however, as a result of a bad shaving technique the result shows as razor burns, dry skin and razor rash.

A good shave is best achieved if possible after a shower or wash. Applying hot water to the facial beard helps prepare the beard and open the pores.

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Beards and Moustaches

If you have a beard, brush it several times a day and wash it at least once every day. To keep your beard or moustache healthy trim it once a week.

Traditional wet shaving

A number of men decide that wet shaving with a blade is more desirable than an electric shaver since a closer shave is achieved.

However, it is not simply a case of using shaving foam, a razor, then splashing the face with water.

It's much better to follow a regular, suitable technique such as the one outlined here.

Traditional shaving enthusiasts achieve a rich lather by using a shaving brush. Building up a rich lather with the brush and applying this in circular motions and over the skin against the grain of the beard will produce the best results.

Anything up to five minutes spent applying and building the lather will produce the best results if shaving this way.

It's best to shave in the morning before food, giving your face about fifteen minutes 'wake-up' time before. Otherwise your digestive system will be activated and your skin will be more sensitive.

Wash your face with a mild soap or with a granular exfoliating facewash and water. The facewash will help remove the layer of dead cells which cover the face and lift the hairs into an upright position.

Apply shaving cream with or without a shaving brush. The rotary movement of the brush will make the hairs stand up.

It is best to apply the lather to one area of the beard at a time, not all over the beard area of the face, this prevents the skin from drying out.

Shave gently with a clean, sharp safety razor. Glide the razor in the direction of the hair growth using short even strokes, rinsing the blade under the hot tap after each stroke to keep the blade free of hair.

You may wish to repeat the shave a second time if necessary. When you've finished shaving, splash your face with cold water to close the pores. If there are any nicks or cuts use a styptic pencil to stop the blood. Pat dry with a clean towel then apply a good moisturiser to protect your skin.

Shave with the grain

Shave with the growth of the beard and not against as the result will be the dreaded razor burn. Do not press too hard with the razor and hold the skin taut with your free hand whilst shaving.

In educating your beard growth it will produce a closer shave in time. Don't be tempted to go against the growth.

Shaving brushes

The best shaving brushes to use are made from badger hair as it has unique water retaining qualities and is tough yet pliable. Looked after properly a brush will last for many years.

There are three types of badger hair used for manufacturing shaving brushes. Pure, Best and Super.

Limited quantities of Super badger hair is available which makes this brush the most expensive.

Your shaving brush should be rinsed and shaken to remove excess water. Store the brush with the hair pointing down on a stand. This will stop any moisture getting into the handle of the brush and will extend its lifespan.

Leave the brush to rest in an open environment, not a closed cupboard.

Most shaving brushes of badger hair are sourced from China where the badger is not an endangered species.

The hair is then sterilised before being made into shaving brushes.


Want to shave your head? Visit Headshaver for information and advice on having your head including a 'how to' guide.

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