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How to sort out your wardrobe

Give your clothing collection a well-deserved facelift!

Empty out your wardrobes and drawers and give your clothes a fashion facelift.

Give them a good airing. Dust, hoover and wipe out your wardrobes and clothes drawer storage.

Buy two dozen Cedarwood clothes hangers and throw away all those wire dry cleaning hangers you've been collecting!

Pile up all the clothes on your bed and begin sorting them out.

Take those clothes you only wear once in a blue moon and place them in airtight vacuum sacks.

Collect all your clothes together and sort into those you regularly wear and those you don't! Neatly pack away the clothes you don't wear very often.

Clothes you haven't worn for a year, or now don't fit you, put in black sacks and take them to your favourite charity shop. Any clothes that are becoming worn out, tatty or torn put in recycling sacks and take to the recycling centre.

Tidy up your collection of ties. Get rid of the ties that are frayed, novelty or free gifts.

As you put your clothes away sort them in to matching outfits. If you have any that don't go with at least one other item search for something that'll match or get rid of it.

After this spring clean you should have a clearer idea of your own fashion style. When you're shopping and find clothes that suit you buy two (or even three) at the same time, don't forget to haggle on the price.

If you purchase multiples of the same item it's worth making sure you try each one on as there can be differences in the cut and finish.

You'd be surprised at how many pairs of trousers are marked the same size yet no two pairs are exact the same - especially jeans.

Take half a dozen pairs of the same size jean to the changing room and you're bound to find at least one pair that are a perfect fit.

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