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How to Print Your Own Men’s Hoody

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Heading out for the evening or to the beach in the summer might bring a little chill, and you will want a hoody to bring along. But how do you find one that is personal and matches your style? You can spend hours in a fruitless search at the mall or online, but with not too much work, you can create and print your own killer personalised hoodies with a few simple tools and an on-line printing service. Great online graphics for your Men’s Hoody are around so you can make a statement.

The first step is to come up with the design you want on the hoody. You can start with a photo, some text, maybe a favourite quote, or an abstract idea for a design of patterns and colors. Sketch a few things out on paper to get your ideas clear. The next step is to digitally create your design.

If you are doing something relatively simple, such as using an existing photo or just adding plain text, you probably already have what you need on your computer. A photo can be used directly, or edited in your favourite photo editor to get the effect you want. A graphic with text can be created in any of the free image editors that come pre-installed on your computer.

If you want to do something more sophisticated, you might want to get some higher quality image editing software. Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard used by graphic designers everywhere, and if you can get a copy, it will serve you well. For those who can’t spend the money on Photoshop, there is a free, open source program called GIMP that can be downloaded for Mac, PC or linux. It is almost identical to Photoshop in, has great capabilities, and it will help you create the same stunning graphics. Play around, look online for tutorials, and create the image you want for your hoody.

Once your image is ready, you’ll go to an on-demand printer. Cafe Press is a great site for this, and Zazzle is another option. On these sites, you will create an account, upload your graphic and select the products you want it to appear on. They have hoodies in black, white, and many other colors. You can position your image, size it properly, and order one custom printed just for you! Better yet, you can keep it online for others to buy, and make a small profit from each one that sells!

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