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How to care for your hair

Washing your hair frequently, either every day or every other day, is an absolute must if you want good looking hair.

Don't wash or rinse your hair in dirty bath water. Conditioning your hair is another must, especially if you're exposed to the elements or swim regularly.

If your hair feels limp then cut back on the conditioner and apply it just once a week or so.

Don't use a hairdryer too close to the scalp as it'll weaken (and burn) your hair. Use a diffuser when drying your hair and brush hair at least twice a day.

Your hair should be washed first thing in the morning. Keep it in good condition with regular visits to your hairdresser.

If you're losing your hair massage your scalp twice a day and when washing your hair gently massage with a shampoo brush. These methods will stimulate the scalp and may help revive some hair growth if the follicle is not dead.

Instead of using a brush on short hair it's better to use a comb. Stay away from plastic or metal combs that can cut into the hairs' shaft and pull skin cells away from the scalp weakening the hair. A strong plastic or wooden saw-cut comb into which each tooth is cut and filed smooth is best.

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