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Polish Barber Shop

Don't you wish it was like this in your town?

How one barber shop in Poland gets its customers! Where the stylists put their scissors, combs, brushes (not to mention hairdryer) is anyone's guess! These pictures were taken on a dress-down Friday.

Would you visit the hairdressers more regularly if there was an establishment like this locally?

You can find these pictures on plenty of websites and blogs, and they've nearly all taken them from us without asking. If you are going to use them please give us a credit and link. Thank you.

We have more pictures from Daniel Rouah's shaving seminars.

Is that cable going where it looks like it's going?

Has someone become a little shy or just innocently forgotten to finish getting dressed before the cameraman arrived?

Some nice tile work in the hair washing area!

Just checking to see if any customers are hiding behind the cupboard, not that I'm too shy to turn round

Just where are you supposed to look when your hair stylist is standing directly in front of you and is just 'that' tall when you're sitting?

Finished off with a nice blow

Thumbs up - seems very happy even though he's about to be shaved bald!

A little tidy up round the back, sorry about the pressure you may be able to feel - it's these clippers pressing against you

Beckoning the punters in or keeping an eye out for the competition

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