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DIY - FlexiSnake™ Unblocks Clogged-up Sinks and Plugholes Quickly, Cleanly, Safely and Easily!

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Got a blocked bath or sink plughole? FlexiSnake™ is the quickest and safest way to clear a sink gunked up with hair.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very, very much for your fast and efficient service. I ordered a sink unblocker from your site last week which arrived the very next day - brilliant service and the product did exactly what you said it would do - my bath was unblocked IN 10 minutes. Would definitely recommend you and the product. Thank you. Cheryl Chapman

It worked a treat! Extracted several pounds of hair from bath drain at first attempt. It's a great product, well engineered. Would recommend it to anyone. It's seldom nowadays that you get a nice surprise in the post! Paul, Wicklow, Irish Republic

I couldn't believe the amount of hair the FlexiSnake pulled out of the bath! The water now runs away so quickly.

animation of FlexiSnake in use

Safer than Chemical Drain Cleaners
No pulling pipes apart
No need for plungers
No more compressed air gadgets
Reaches most bath drain traps

Just unroll FlexiSnake™ and feed the hair clog catching head down the plughole. Twist FlexiSnake™ and the patent pending head will grab hold of hair blockages clearing the clogged drainpipe.

Does your sink or bath take an age to drain or are you left with soap scum all round the bath? Forget using wire coat hangers and risking damage to your pipework. FlexiSnake™ will clear your drainage pipes of hair that has got caught in your drain trap.

Use FlexiSnake™ and you'll be shocked at how much you remove and how quickly your sink or bath empties after use. It's just like a magic plumber's been replaced your pipes. Save all the expense and call-out charges by using your own FlexiSnake™.

If the water in your shower isn't running away freely and you find yourself standing ankle-deep in water whilst showering. If you find your bath taking longer to empty than it does to fill then there's a good chance you've a blockage and it's going to be hair, pull your snake from your trousers and push it down the hole, twist it, remove and be amazed at what it removes.

If you wash your dog in the bath you'll know only too well how much hair goes down the plughole - there's more down the pipe that FlexiSnake™ will pick up.

You'll quickly become the family plumber and all-round Mr Fix-It with FlexiSnake™ for an emergency.

FlexiSnake™ is 26″long but its narrow diameter allows it to slip down drains easily. The patent-pending FlexiSnake™ head will hook, hold and easily catch hair clogs fast - clearing your drain in a way that chemical drain cleaners won't.

FlexiSnake™ slides past your drain stopper, the blockage is caught and held fast, remove FlexiSnake™ and the drain is clear.

FlexiSnake™ costs less than most chemical drain cleaners so once you've used it you can throw it away. If you want to re-use FlexiSnake™ clean with an old toothbrush and disinfect.

So instead of using harmful (and not always successful) chemical solutions for unblocking sinks use FlexiSnake™, no muscle required!

Hairdressers - use the FlexiSnake™ to save you time and money.

Be prepared for what you reveal when you pull the FlexiSnake™ out. Hair and soap scum mixed together really don't look nice!

Did you know?

The average person loses up to 100 hairs a day - that's over 600 a week, about 3,000 a month, more than 30,000 per year! It's a wonder we're not all walking around with Telly Savalas barnets!

It's easy to imagine how quickly a pipe can become clogged with hair and gunk.

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