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Flatterware Collapsible Bowls Float, Lock & Seal

In Stock £14.99 BUY NOW Blue Flatterware Collapsible Bowl
In Stock £14.99 BUY NOW Red Flatterware Collapsible Bowl

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Red Flatterware cup, plate and bowl on table

Store in the Glove Compartment for those Crunchy Nut Moments!

Reusable, Recyclable, BPA & Phthalate Free Collapsible Bowls. The Flatterware Collapsible Bowl holds over 700 grams.

The Flatterware collapsible bowl takes up less space with minimal weight than other similar products. The helix design stabilises the bowl. Flatterware collapsible bowls are durable and designed to last. There's a grip on the edge making it easy to open and close.

The bowl is suitable for hot or cold food usage and the bowl is molded from one single piece of flexible plastic. Its lid also serves as a handy plate. The bowls are perfect for hiking, biking, camping and sailing. Flatterware bowls also float!

Manufactured from certified food grade TPE and ABS - a combination that gives the highest standard and ensures the bowl is free of the harmful toxins given off by other plastic products.

Flatterware bowls are great for walking the dog. The bowls seal tight so they won't leak when dropped into your bag.

Blue Flatterware bowl open

Blue Flatterware bowl closed

Red Flatterware bowl setting on table

Red Flatterware bowl open

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