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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Do you get enough sleep?

What's enough I hear you say?

You should be able to work that out for yourself.

Everybody requires different amounts of sleep but if you're getting less than five or six hours sleep then you should look at your diet, lifestyle and work to see if there is a reason for not being able to get more. Six hours is only a quarter of a day.

Lack of sleep could cause your mind to wander, slow down your response times, make you edgy and a lack of sleep can also cause your immune system to become weak making you more open to illnesses.

One way of working out if you're not getting enough sleep is to try this. If it takes you less than ten minutes to get to sleep once you have got into bed you are simply not getting enough sleep.

If this sounds like you, try and make the effort to go to bed at a time giving you about eight hours before the alarm goes off.

If sleep is the first thing to suffer if your life gets too hectic this could take some doing. After a while, however, your mind and body will know the difference making you not want to miss out on those precious hours.

If you're tired then your brain is also tired. If you and your mind are tired then you will have a hard time remembering things and expressing yourself, both of which are marks of a sharp mind. What about caffeine?

All artificial stimulants may give your body a nervous jolt but only sleep - which gives your mind time to rest and recuperate - will give you back that mental edge.

Daily stress can cause mental and physical cell damage. In order to take a hold of this type of stress consider making changes to how you spend your days - the way in which you handle work and the people who you spend your time with.

A well rested body is a body functioning at peak performance. When you don't get enough sleep you starve your brain and bodies ability to 'catch up'. For this very reason sleep is an important way of controlling stress.

After a good night's rest your brain will be able to handle the problems that arrive through the day.

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