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Exercise to keep your health

Exercise is good for you. Do you realise that even a small amount can help boost immunity against illness and keep your mind sharp.

Live longer and feel better through exercise. It gives you energy surprisingly enough! Boost your metabolism, keep that beer gut away and cut high blood pressure. Exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Try to do at least twenty minutes of exercise a week. Try to do it without it being a chore. That is what will make you feel like stopping!

If you can't be bothered to visit the gym then try walking to work, use the stairs instead of the lift. Make physical activity a part of your daily routine.

Weight training will build your muscles and help to strengthen your bones and your metabolism. Carry out a variety of different exercises will help you make it a habit without realising it.

When did you last start read a good book AND finish it? Maybe it's easier to remember the last time you worked out! The mind v body war is not a new one.

No matter how many hours you spend improving your physical fitness through exercise you should spend time stimulating your mental health.

Never miss breakfast and eat a balanced diet - heard it all before? It's good advice though these days we all sometimes find it difficult. Eating something in the morning will slow your overall daily calorie intake compared with going out the door with an empty stomach.

Eating a breakfast helps keep hunger at bay. Hunger makes you eat too much at lunchtime - which then makes you want a siesta! Eating breakfast puts metabolism on a high which helps burn off food at more efficient rates.

Get yourself into a routine of getting up, showering, shaving, a good breakfast and dressing.

Breakfast can be simply a banana with a bowl of cereal or try a bagel with cream cheese or scrambled eggs.

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