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Concrete Mixing's in the Bag Using the Creter Cement Mixer

Quickly mix cement easily with no mess using Creter!

animation showing four steps to using the Creter
Mix cement almost anywhere
No need to mix in a wheelbarrow
No need to dry mix first
Keep all the mess contained
Gather handles and carry mix to place of work
No need to mix on a spot board
Creter bag filled with mix

Mix cement almost anywhere using Creter - building sites, landscape projects and maintenance contracts. Creter makes a reliable mix can be achieved without the need for a mixer, wheelbarrow, spot board, power, bucket or shovel.

Creter Tests and Specifications

Creter has undergone rigorous field trials, mixing 130 individual concrete batches using a medium aggregate, each batch approximately 36kg.

Creter performed to the highest standard and after mixing almost four metric tonnes of concrete was still useable!

Manufactured from heavy duty PPP Fabric the Creter has undergone exhaustive material and safety tests.

Creter passed the following

Customer Testimonials

It arrived Tuesday frist thing, I was so happy. It does do what you say it does and has already been used 3 times. Thank you so much. Jason, Mansfield

I recently bought your Creter Concrete Mixer, WOW! It was the best £20 or so I've ever spent. I'm building a raised flower bed in my back garden and sad as it sounds was so impressed I timed how long to mix a 20kg back of cement. 30 seconds later job done. I've had major back surgery and this product is a marvel. No sore back. Since I was mixing the cement on my clean patio I bought a large tarpaulin to protect it but didn't need it as there was NO MESS. Thank you for a simply conceived but revolutionary product. Keith Malcolm, Portsmouth

Here's a quick note to say thanks very much - the Creter saved my life this weekend!! I mixed almost a ton of ballast concrete and more bags of sand and cement than I care to remember… I'd never have been able to do that much mixing in a wheelbarrow… and at twenty quid that's way cheaper than hiring a mixer!! Many thanks, I'd recommend the Creter to anyone thinking about a bit of home brick/block laying. It's render mixing next weekend… quite looking forward to it now!!! Mark F, Surrey

The Creter really is a very efficient tool. As a retired chartered surveyor I was impressed with the ease which small quantities of sand and cement can be thoroughly and quickly mixed. This is ideal for the DIY enthusiast who wishes to undertake small jobs and does not wish to go to the expense of hiring an electric mixer. It is also very easy to clean! David Condy, Kidderminster

I received the Creter on Saturday as promised. The creter works really well, I mixed 10 bags of concrete in 30 minutes. Thanks for the excellent customer service and a great product too! Kind Regards, Rob Cousins

Used for the first time today, WOW!! Got twice as many bricks laid as we normally manage on a Sunday afternoon and me and my wife have no backache either, wish I had one of these 400 bricks ago when we started the job!

It really is so quick and does exactly what you say, simple and brilliant, will buy another when we manage to wear this out (it may happen). David, Melton Mowbray

Bought the Creter from you in April this year and it's excellent. Have used it a great deal. It takes a lot of effort out of mixing concrete/mortar. Thanks very much.

I used the Creter yesterday and it is brilliant!! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It certainly was worth finding it on your site. David, Braintree

Creter being used in the garden

Creter Helps Round the Garden

Use Creter to mix compost, mulch, fertiliser, wood chips and bark.

Use Creter for your grass cuttings, leaves and pruned plants, weeds, general garden waste and move plants without mess.

Creter Protects the Interior of your Car

Creter in the boot of a car

Use Creter to line your boot to and from the tip.

Transport plants from the garden centre in the Creter.

Protect your car's interior from messy oil leaks and grease from machinery, car parts and lawnmowers.

Load Creter up with the weekly shopping bags.

Sit the dog in the Creter on the way back from a wet walk in the park.

Creter being used as a sand pit

Creter's Useful Round the Home

As an insulator, Creter's silver lining keeps a barbecue warm or a picnic cool.

Fill Creter with ice for garden parties.

Fill Creter with sand for a children's sandpit.

Fill Creter with water for a quick makeshift paddling pool.

How to Easily Mix Cement and Concrete

Creter folded for using time and time again showing how easy it is to fold and store

Anyone can mix concrete in just over a minute using Creter. Mixing cement with Creter means less effort and is 60% quicker than mixing with a board and shovel.

Creter is durable, compact and ingenious. Just add water to your mix, grab the handles, lift and fold a few times. That's it!

Creter has many uses, as well as mixing cement you can use it in the garden, in the car and around the home.

Apart from easy concrete and cement mixing you'll soon find many other uses for Creter.

Creter folds neatly away after use for storage.

Use Creter where you need it, no need for electricity or fuel.

No more mixing, stirring and scraping away at a wheelbarrow full of half dry, half sloppy cement mix with a shovel then wheeling it to where you want.

Anyone can use Creter - it's light, compact and convenient. If you think mixing by hand is hard and messy then you'll be delighted. With Creter you can carry out those jobs that you keep putting off easily and quickly.

Filling the Creter with mix How to mix concrete in the Creter Pouring mix from the Creter
  1. Pour measured components to be mixed into the Creter and add water.
  2. Starting at one end, lift Creter's handles sharply.
    Proceed to alternate left and right hands allowing the mix to roll.
    Change ends and continue until the contents are thoroughly mixed.
  3. Place Creter over the area where you want to pour the mix, lower one side and raise the other to pour.
  4. Clean the Creter by thoroughly rinsing with water then allow to dry before storing.

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